Break Glass Ceiling Leadership


Break Glass Ceiling Leadership


For women in their journey towards becoming leaders, BGCL offers a myriad of services. 


BGCL organizes events on diverse themes with a vital focus on women, featuring panelists who are masters of their industry.

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Women leaders are creating waves across multiple platforms all over the world. Know more about the latest events.

"Challenges are just opportunities in disguise." Take the challenge!
About Us

Break Glass Ceiling
Leadership Pvt Ltd (BGCL)

Break Glass Ceiling Leadership aims to assist women in the professional sphere by helping them build up their skills and confidence for greater opportunities. We provide them with a platform to accomplish the same, and to help them build a community where women support each other by sharing opportunities. The goal is to power propel more women to CXO levels, entrepreneurship, and board rooms, and to create a level playing field for career opportunities.

Leadership roles everywhere should be a speakerphone for voices that are inclusive, humane, and knowledgeable. This can only be possible when women believe that they need to be heard in discussions and debates.

" There are no women leaders - " Just Leaders
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BGCL offers a myriad of services
for women in their leadership journey


BGCL organises regular free webinars focused on complete development of women. We invite best of industry leaders as panellists


Great leaders across industries are invited to encourage and empower women in their journey.

Leadership Programs

High-Impact Business Leadership Programs for Women · Based on art of self-discovery and targeted on self-development.


Specialised training programmes designed and devised as per the individual / industry requirements

BGCL Is On A Mission To Prepare Women For Board Rooms And To Emphasize Their Worth. We Empower Women Who Are Capable And Passionate To Help Other Women. We Want Every Woman To Explore The Leader In Her.

04 Steps

01. Encourage
To take risks, appreciate their abilities, and negotiate for the best.
02. Educate
To progress in their fields, and trust their knowledge.
03. Enable
To find their true potential
04. Empower
To scale greater heights, and achieve their best.

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